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The Northern Ireland Boys’ Brigade

Advancing Christ’s Kingdom

We are a Christian youth organisation, equipping leaders to make a difference in the lives of children and young people from all communities, all faiths, and none.

The Northern Ireland Boys’ Brigade is a dynamic, flexible, and inspiring Church ministry that offers out of school activities for the age group 4 – 18 in over 240 Church Groups across all six counties in NI. BB is a ministry of the local church available in many faith denominations in NI.

BB welcomes children and young people from all communities, all faiths, and none. BBNI groups are run locally by trained, dedicated and caring church volunteers who are committed to creating a safe and fun environment for every child and young person.

We aim to help children and young people grow in confidence, gain a sense of belonging as part of a team, try new things, develop new skills, discover their potential, and learn about God’s love.

BBNI members enjoy age relevant games, crafts, outdoor pursuits, DofE awards, music, sports, Bible teaching, and more. They also take part in camps, outings, and other events throughout the year.

Groups usually meet in the evenings from September to April each year. Many also run an informal summer programme with outdoor activities included. All members earn badges and other awards, and rewards appropriate to their age group.

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Equipping Leaders

We help Churches to identify volunteer BB leaders to provide a modern, relevant, flexible children and youth ministry for the children and young people in their local communities.

We train, equip, inspire, and encourage BB leaders by:

  • Running BBNI leader training courses – to equip with knowledge and skills to run a good BBNI Night.
  • Running events – to inspire and create opportunities for BBNI leaders to network and share ideas.
  • Providing advice and guidance on policies and procedures to keep children and young people safe and ensure the local group meets legislative requirements.
  • Providing programme material, competitions, and events for young people to have fun and achieve.
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The Object of The Boys' Brigade is...

The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.

The Motto of The Boys' Brigade is...

'Sure and Steadfast'
- taken from Hebrews 6:19:
'We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast.'

Over 130 years of Christian Ministry

Did you know the Boys’ Brigade was formed in Glasgow in 1883 by Sir William Alexander Smith. It has since spread across the world with BB groups in North America, the Caribbean, the Pacific, Africa and Asia. Boys’ Brigade was formed in Northern Ireland in 1888 – that’s over 130 years ago!

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The Northern Ireland Boys’ Brigade

September 2023 marked a new era for the organisation in Northern Ireland with the formation of The Northern Ireland Boys’ Brigade BBNI. Rooted in Christian faith and built around the same objective, The Northern Ireland Boys’ Brigade is self-governing and independent of The Boys’ Brigade UK & ROI. The task is unfinished, and we continue the work of Sir William Alexander Smith who said:

"The Boys’ Brigade aims at nothing less than leading boys enrolled in its ranks to Jesus Christ, as their Saviour, Leader and Friend. "

Our Christian Witness

The Northern Ireland Boys’ Brigade…

…is embedded in Christ. “Serving Christ” and “Advancing Christ’s Kingdom”. …sees the BB Company as part of the church and part of the youth & children’s ministry of the church. …is an outreach tool for churches. The majority of children and young people that are members of BB do not belong to the local church. …is more than just a youth organisation, it is an opportunity to reach into the families of the young people who attend and to create opportunities to engage with them further. …wants to give as many children and young people as possible the opportunity to be a part of BB and learn about Jesus. …strives to be a relevant ministry to the children and young people.

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