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President's Badge & Queen's Badge

BBNI offers the opportunity for young people to achieve awards throughout their BB journey. The President’s Badge and Queen’s Badge are the highest awards in Boys’ Brigade.

We provide these awards for young people to:

  • develop interests
  • meet new people & make new friends from across BBNI through training courses
  • develop leadership skills
  • gain new experiences
  • explore their Christian faith journey
  • serve the local community, BB and church through volunteering

President's Badge

The President’s Badge is the second highest award you can gain in BB. This can be awarded from School Year 11 (Year 1 in Seniors).

Click here to order President’s Badge & Register for Queen’s Badge.


Sep 2023
President's Badge Requirements

Queen's Badge

The Queen’s Badge is the highest award you can gain in BB. This can be awarded from School Year 13 (Year 3 in Seniors).


Aug 2023
Queen's Badge Requirements
Aug 2023
Queen's Badge Record Book
Aug 2023
Queen's Badge Courses Flyer
Sep 2023
Queen's Badge Advisor & Mentor Guide

Book a Skills for Queen’s Badge Course

Book a Queen's Badge Completion Course

“We find the Queens Badge gives our young people a wide range of life skills outside the educational system like how they can help others, it gives them a sense of purpose. Fantastic for teamwork and also working as an individual to a given timeframe.”

Robert Nesbitt, BB Captain, 1st Banbridge