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Time with God – Fred Kyle

Blog Published on 01 Nov 2023

It was the evening of the BB Battalion PE Competition. As the teams were leaving the hall, one Captain was bemoaning the fact that one boy from his Company had not turned up. Another boy said that it would have been hard for him, as he had forgotten to tell him the date.

Forgetfulness on our part, not only affects others but ourselves.

The above story is true but I now tell you of a story that is a Fable. That is a make-believe story in which animals or items speak.

A couple had gone into a gift shop and were admiring a certain beautiful vase.

Just then, the vase spoke to them. “I was not always like this it said, one day I was just a lump of clay. Then a man took me, put me on a wheel and spun me round and round. Taking great care he molded me with his fingers until I was the shape you see today. He was very thorough and certainly knew what he was doing. When he was finished, he applied some colourful paints. Not one area was forgotten about. When I was placed on this shelf, guess what? My neighbour was a mirror and I could see myself. What a change had happened to me. What a craftsman the man had been.  I will never forget what he done. He obviously had a plan for me. ”

Paul writing to the Ephesians in Chapter 2 verse 10 tells of what God has done for us.  “For we are God`s workmanship. In our life`s journey we have been molded and shaped until we are what we are today. Called to serve the Creator.”

God makes a wonderful promise in Jeremiah 29 verse at verse 11, ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’

In light of this let us not forget to put God first in our lives and let Him use us to bring glory to His name.

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