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a large number of bbni leaders, attending training for working with children who have Autism.

Autism Awareness

Training Courses 25 Sep 2024

This free training session for leaders will deepen your understanding of autism. You will learn about sensory processing, communication, social interaction, the overlap of autism and anxiety, and much more. We will spend time looking at approaches that leaders can use to help support young people and children in a BB setting and how we can change and adapt our language and approaches to support moments of distressing behaviour.

The training will be delivered by Rebecca McCullough from Eden Consultancy, an organisation that strives to change the world for neurodiverse children by equipping their key adults with knowledge and strategies.

This training will be delivered in person at BBNI Newport on Wednesday 25th September 2024 at 7.30pm.

Cost: Free

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Please note: This is a repeat of the training delivered on 21st November 23 and the 16th April 24.

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