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Boy's Brigade - Step Up - Young Leaders' Training

Step Up – Young Leaders’ Training

Training Courses 26 Jul 2024 - 28 Jul 2024

An unforgettable weekend for 17-30 year-old male and female young leaders/helpers, who are already serving in the Boys' Brigade or are planning to start. It will equip them with leadership skills, ideas, and resources for their role in BB, which will be of massive value to your Company. This weekend will bring together faith, friendships and training - all while gaining their BBNI  Leader Training Qualification.  Step Up will be fun, challenging, and an opportunity to meet new people and make memories that will last a lifetime. It will be a fantastic experience for any young leader or helper, with plenty of discussions, interaction, and conversations with other young BB leaders.

Cost: Free

Boy's Brigade - Step Up - Young Leaders' Training
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