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BBNI Family

Your invitation….

Articles Published on 02 Feb 2024

We’d love you to join BBNI Family!

It often seems that everywhere you go, you meet people who have had some involvement with Boys’ Brigade. People who’ve attended, people who’ve been leaders, ministers, parents, grandparents…how many times have you heard ‘Boys’ Brigade had a real impact…’?

We’ve created BBNI Family so that the Boys’ Brigade journey can continue beyond attending a company, or leading, or being a parent of a young person.
BBNI Family is a community of people who are committed to supporting, encouraging and praying for the work of The Northern Ireland Boys’ Brigade (BBNI) and helping us to continue to advance Christ’s Kingdom in NI and Donegal.

BBNI Family members will receive a button badge on joining and 2 updates each year with points to guide your prayers.

How do I join? Simply commit to a minimum annual donation of £15. This money will be used to further the work of BBNI.
For more details and the sign up form, please download our BBNI Family Leaflet below.

Please note: membership of BBNI Family does not replace leader registration which is a requirement for all leaders who are active in companies. BBNI leaders can join BBNI Family in addition to their annual leader registration. BBNI Family membership is open to anyone, including those with no prior involvement in Boys’ Brigade.

Feb 2024
BBNI Family Leaflet
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