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Articles Published on 14 Aug 2023

Tell your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation. Joel 1:3

Stories are all around us. Whether it is the story you read your child or grandchild before they go to bed, the story you read to help you escape a busy day or the endless stories that appear on TV and social media which entice you to buy something, go somewhere or aspire to change something in your life. The common bond of any of these stories is the relationship that develops. You get to know a character in a book, you develop empathy for them. You develop a loyalty towards a brand, or a shop, or a restaurant, because of the story their marketers tell you.

But what about your story? God has given each one of us a story. We may hear great stories of testimony from others, life-changing moments of colossal transformation and feel that we don’t have a comparable story to tell. But the individual and unique story that God has given each one of us is special, it’s valuable and He wants us to use it to speak into the lives of others.

Aug 2023
Outline Plan 23-24

As we enter a new season of Boys’ Brigade, our plan for the year is based on three pillars. Our vision is that you, our valued leaders, will feel empowered to ‘share your story.’ Your life experience, your gifts and your skills are the fuel that drives Boys’ Brigade. As you meet many children and young people each week in your company, the story you share in what you say and do has the potential to ‘shape their story.’

We have the great privilege of speaking into young lives and helping to shape their story. We are united in our desire that our children and young people will hear the gospel and will one day welcome Jesus as their personal saviour. Together we ’sow His story’. In an ever-changing culture, we must take every opportunity to sow His story into the lives of children and young people as together we serve out the object of Boys’ Brigade in Northern Ireland. As we do, we continue to seek God’s wisdom, guidance and His blessing as we advance His kingdom in our community.

Lisa Keys, Chief Officer BBNI
August 2023

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