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leaders at a thank you event, eating food at a table

Celebrating Volunteers Week

  Why do our volunteers do what they do? How do we support, encourage and equip them? Watch…

Published on 04 Jun 2024


Andy Hickford has a wealth of ministry experience in youth ministry and Bible teaching that has inspired generations…

Published on 04 Jun 2024

EP11. Journeying with Young People | Josh & Chris

Joining David on this episode is Josh Sanderson and Chris Allen who are two youth workers and BB…

Published on 17 May 2024

EP10. Lighting up the shadow of leadership

In this episode Lisa talks to Professor Karise Hutchinson about how we can light up the long shadow…

Published on 03 May 2024
3 people sitting around a table recording a podcast for BBNI titled Playing Hockey and Being a Christian.

EP.9 | “Hockey and Being a Christian” | Daniel and Ben Nelson

This week we have Daniel and Ben Nelson who are two young leaders from 1st Lisburn BB with bright…

Published on 19 Apr 2024
3 people sitting at a desk, about to record a podcast, Children's Heartbeat Trust

EP.8 | “Charity of the Year” | Children’s Heartbeat Trust

On this episode, Bethany talks with Lynn, Fundraising Manager in CHT and Chris who is a captain in…

Published on 05 Apr 2024

EP.7 | Meet The Hosts | Lisa, David, Bethany and Emily

We’re kicking off series 2 by interviewing the hosts! Lisa, David, Bethany and Emily share a little more about…

Published on 22 Mar 2024